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Risport Electra Figure Skates - White

Risport Electra Figure Skates - White

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The Risport Electra figure skates are a lightweight option designed for young competing champions and intermediate level skaters.

Risport Electra White Figure Skates come with a stiffness rating of 45.


  • Air flow system
  • Thermoformable
  • Softer lacing zone
  • Upper made of microfiber for maximum lightness
  • Support from the lateral reinforcements, which are developed specifically for double and single figures as well as jumps.
  • Special 3D lining, keeps your feet at the proper temperature to prevent bacteria from growing
  • Achieve extremely high lateral inclinations and gain an unparalleled shock-absorbing effect thanks to a leather sole with specific angled processing, as evidenced by years of skating history

Risport Electra figure skates are also available in black.