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TRUE TF7 Goalie Skates

TRUE TF7 Goalie Skates

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Brand new for 2022, True brings their industry leading goalie skates to the masses with the all new True TF7 Goalie Skates!

Starting with the boot, the True TF7 skates feature True’s proprietary high-grade carbon fiber one-piece shell with FIBERSHIELD Technology, which offers a thermoformed boot to offer a customized skate feel in a stock skate. While this is a stock skate, the TF7 can be heat-molded to provide one of the most customizable boots on the market.

TRUESHELL Tech also wraps the toe box entirely, eliminating weak points around the highest impact areas to provide the best protection around. Coupled with a Blackwick liner, the TF7 will keep your feet dry while offering superior comfort with its multi-density foam construction.

At either end of the boot, True has made improvements based on years of feedback on their custom skates. The redesigned, patented TRUE ToeCap offers a low profile design, which allows for the best attack angle and clearance found today. At the other end of the boot, the completely redesigned Achilles now includes an ultra comfortable cuff which allows for full ankle extension and mobility, while the low profile exterior loop is designed to fit all strap sizes.

Moving to the tongue, True utilizes a felt-lined, asymmetrical tongue which is lightweight and anatomically designed to provide ultimate comfort.

The TF7 skates will come with True’s all new SHIFT attack holder, which features the BenchChange technology, which allows for faster blade replacement. The holder is compatible with the SHIFT Attack blades, and will come stock with the 3mm True Shift Stainless blades.

If you are an advanced-level goaltender who is looking to get the best technology True has to offer right off the shelf, look no further than the True TF7 Goalie Skates!