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Warrior Alpha LX 50 Composite Hockey Stick

Warrior Alpha LX 50 Composite Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Alpha LX 50 Hockey Stick is a great stick for recreational and and those new to the game.

Upgraded for the Alpha LX 50 is Warrior's exclusive Saber Taper II technology. This exclusive conical design combines a specialized geometric shape with a low kick point that is torsionally stable and gives players a more powerful and accurate release. In addition, there is a completely new laminate design that helps reduce weight.

Warrior enters the design of the Alpha LX 50 and uses a revolutionary design called the R.L.C 122. Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 122, a standard design optimized for durability and balance.

Alpha LX 50 is lighter and tougher than ever. The material used for the construction is Warrior’s Minimus Carbon UD material. These are unidirectional fiber fabrics that are flat fabrics with high strength that are more dynamic and elastic than ever before, giving players a good feel in all aspects of the game. Alpha LX 50 has a FuelCore blade. This lightweight core of polymer improves the puck feel and control.

When it comes to comfort, the Alpha LX 50 offers an Ergo shaft shape. This ergonomic shape of the shaft is designed to fit more comfortably and securely in the players' hands. In addition, a soft grip, known as the Apex Performance Grip, has been added to the shaft, which provides ultimate control and feel.


The Warrior Alpha LX 50 Junior Composite Stick is 50" in length.

The Warrior Alpha LX 50 Intermediate Composite Stick is 57" in length.

The Warrior Alpha LX 50 Senior Composite Stick is 60" in length.