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Warrior Covert QRE Edge Grip Composite Hockey Stick

Warrior Covert QRE Edge Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Covert QRE grip composite hockey stick is a lightweight, low kick option, ideal for wrist shots. The ideal choice for a beginner and intermediate players. 


New QR Edge Taper: Gives players a unique taper geometry, resulting in better accuracy and even quicker releases. The QRE5 blade will remain square with the target, boasting stability and increasing performance with its pinpoint accuracy.

Construction: Warrior has included an updated construction, this stick now provides the player with a one piece stick feel. The taper was designed with a very low kick point, making it perfect for ultra quick release shots.

Blade: Expect superb puck feel without sacrificing durability thanks to its traditional blade core, supported with high density foam through the center.


The Warrior Covert QRE Junior Composite Stick is 51" in length.

The Warrior Covert QRE Intermediate Composite Stick is 57" in length.

The Warrior Covert QRE Senior Composite Stick is 63" in length.