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Blue Line Sports Ltd

Warrior Covert QRE40 Composite Hockey Stick

Warrior Covert QRE40 Composite Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Covert QRE40 composite hockey stick is perfect for those looking for a low price stick packed full of high end features. Boost your performance!


Edge Taper - The angular edge taper transmits flex energy to the hosel, amplifying power and allowing for swift release. Our unique design improves reaction, stability, and durability.
Minimus Carbon 500 - The unidirectional carbon design is 500 grade, high strength, and lightweight. The QRE 40 shaft is now lighter and more durable than ever before. The dynamic and elastic material provides superb feel for all aspects of the game.
Shadow Feel - The Shadow Feel architecture creates the most well-balanced stick ever made and improves the feel of the stick while playing, giving you more control and response.
Fuelcore - The blade core is made of a lightweight polymer that improves puck feel and makes shots pop. The composite layers around the core has been altered to be more durable. FuelCore boosts the blade's durability by reducing material breakdown.
Grip - A tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for peak hand control.


The Warrior Covert QRE40 Junior Composite Stick is 51" in length.

The Warrior Covert QRE40 Intermediate Composite Stick is 57" in length.

The Warrior Covert QRE40 Senior Composite Stick is 60" in length.