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Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+ Custom Goalie Blocker

Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+ Custom Goalie Blocker

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The Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+ Custom Blockers build on the successes of both the G5 and GT2 Ranges bringing Cover-edge to both the G6 and G6.1 options. Cover-edge aids the goaltender in covering more net due to intelligent use of geometry. The blockers are constructed with hypercomp, making them stiffer for more powerful rebounds and increasing the durability.

The G6 Blocker with its flatter 20 degree board curve is designed to launch pucks upward from deflection, whereas the G6.1 is more curved at 35 degrees to encourage pucks to be directed downwards. Having two different blockers gives goalies the chance to pick a blocker suited for their preference!

Create something fresh and new for yourself with G6 and 6.1 options with different palm sizing. 

Finally, make the look your own by choosing either the G6 Pro+ regular graphic or going old school with the classic graphic with a variety of colour options to truly personalise your set.


Customise yours now using the Warrior Customizer.

WARRIOR Ritual G6 Customiser

Once you are happy with your custom selection and happy to proceed, please order the correct size from our options and then save your design on the Warrior Customiser and email it over to us as including your order number.

For any queries you have please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will help you with every stage of the process.