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Bauer AG5NT Ice Hockey Stick Review

Finally, Bauer’s highly-anticipated classified project has been released, and it will change ice hockey as we know it. AG5NT is, by far, the lightest stick that Bauer has ever produced, using the revolutionary material BORON. 

Here’s why the AG5NT is a shooter’s new favourite weapon:

  • BORON fibre technology: Weaved into the AG5NT stick, BORON delivers two key performance perks — the lightest Bauer stick on the market and the fastest puck release they’ve ever produced.
  • Featherweight construction: Obliterating all previous stick weight records, the AG5NT stick weighs in at 335 grams.
  • Lightning release: The unique BORON fibres trigger shots to hit peak velocity in a split-second release to catch the goalie off-guard. 

Fans of the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite will want to try out the super-lightweight AG5NT.


Originating from aerospace and defensive aeronautics technology, the AG5NT stick brings the unique properties of BORON fibres into ice hockey for the first time ever.

BORON is a military-grade, ultra-lightweight fibre with unrivalled stiffness and compression strength. When weaved together with carbon fibres, they produce an even lighter yet twice as durable stick, giving you an undeniable advantage in your shot.

BORON = lightest Bauer stick ever + quickest Bauer release ever.


When fully loaded, the AG5NT’s unique weave of carbon and BORON fibres delivers an energy boost for Bauer’s fastest release ever, with devastating results on the net. 

The AG5NT is perfect for aggressive, athletic forwards that love to shoot on stride, catching the goalie off-guard. If you’re always on the move when you play and looking for the fastest release, the AG5NT is your weapon of choice


Previously only seen on Bauer’s higher-end low-kick sticks, the AG5NT features every technological advantage in Bauer’s arsenal — including the XE taper. 

Descended from Easton’s elliptical taper, the XE innovation is rounder, thinner and more compressed, reducing weight even further without any impact on unwanted torsional flex. 

Combined with BORON fibres, the XE Taper makes the AG5NT tougher than ever, setting the new standard for flexibility and powerful shot release.


When grips on other high-end sticks feel too aggressive, the milder, smoother grip on the AG5NT could be perfect for your style.

Ending earlier down the shaft, about where the XE taper starts, saves on all-important weight and gives you more freedom to adjust your hands when you need to.


True to all special-edition Bauer sticks, the AG5NT debuts an aesthetic colour scheme of black with lime green accents and iridescent detailing. 

Want to know what colour BORON burns when you light it? That’s right — Lime green. 


When choosing your next stick, nothing compares to AG5NT’s revolutionary, featherweight BORON construction for getting the puck off the blade faster.


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