Collection: MK Blades

Crafted from the finest steel, MK blades are meticulously engineered to give skaters the best performance out on the ice. Shop for your next championship-winning blades from MK, available online or in-store at Willies.

MK Figure Skating Blades From Willies


    Absolutely, yes — MK Blades have carved a distinct reputation for quality and reliability in the world of ice skating. These versatile blades cater to a diverse range of skating disciplines, shining particularly bright in ice dancing. This is due to their exceptional edge control and precision, making every move on the ice a display of grace and artistry.


    Durability is another hallmark of MK blades, as they can stand the test of time and consistently maintain their sharpness, even under the demanding routines of advanced skaters. The bond with their sibling brand, John Wilson, means that every MK blade undergoes the meticulous 55-step manufacturing process, so you can be confident in the craftsmanship and quality of your MK blades.


    It might seem overwhelming when you’re looking at all the options for MK blades, so here’s a breakdown of the MK blades on offer and who they’re best suited for.


    The MK Professional blade is an ideal choice for skaters who are honing their axel skills and working towards mastering the double Lutz, offering a perfect balance of support and flexibility.


    For elite skaters executing triple or even quadruple jumps, the MK Phantom provides stability and precision with its unique design. Similarly, the Gold Star ensures impeccable edge control for those performing advanced jumps like triples or quads. 


    For ice dancers, the MK Dance blade is a brilliant choice, allowing seamless edge shifts with minimal body lean to keep you fluid and graceful on the ice.


    There are also differences in the blades themselves to think about — you can get blades in standard, parabolic or tapered styles.


    Standard blades have the same constant width along their full length of the edges. Parabolic blades are thinner in the middle section and thicker at both ends to reduce slippage, and tapered blades are thicker at the front near the toe picks and thinner at the tail to reduce drag.


    When you’re choosing the right MK blades for you, it’s all about finding the blades that are crafted for your skating discipline and skill level. If you need help deciding, visit us in-store for expert advice and recommendations.