Ever felt your balance was slightly off in a skate, or that you weren’t getting the most out of your boots?

A custom profile is a great way to enhance your skating style. Our staff are fully trained to use Blademasters patented contouring system, allowing us to change the radial profile and lean of your skates to suit your stride, with singular or dual radii to ensure the profile best fits you.

Our professional profiling service includes a consultation and any adjustments included in the price. The profiling full consultation service costs £25, this is a process that requires boots to be left in store, as profiling work is meticulous and takes place outside of store hours to ensure the work is to the highest standard.




Speak to a member of our team to better understand the benefits of ice skate profiling.


  • 1. What is Skate Profiling?

    Skate Profiling changes the contact points of your blade with the ice, utilising 1, 2, 3, or 4 distinct zones along the length of the blade, ensuring you are getting the very best from your skate. Profiling is only suitable for hockey blades.

    Skate Profiling customises the contact points of the blade to suit your specific skating style and positional play. A longer profile (13-foot, for example) provides more blade contact with the ice. Providing more resistance to lateral movement and greater stability, but sacrifices some manoeuvrability.

    A longer profile also creates potential for faster acceleration and greater speed with less effort. Whilst these trade offs can seem daunting they are key to improving your presence on the ice, profiling is a key weapon utilised by professional skaters all over the world.

  • 2. How do I select the right skate profiling?

    Our staff are trained to listen to our customer's likes and dislikes of their current skate blades and our focus is to look at ways to improve our customers skating. We advise customers in to different

  • 3. Skate Profiling for Hockey Skates?

    For Skate Profiling for hockey skates we carry the whole range of profile templates including 7 foot, 9 foot , 11 foot, 13 foot and combi-radii of 9 foot/10 foot, 10 foot/11 foot, 9 foot/10 foot with 10 foot/11 foot with a flat. We are also able to adjust the lean of the blade, giving you a more agile stance on the ice by going forward and a more reversed stance by going backward.

  • 4. Skate Profiling for Goalies?

    Goalies - We offer classic radii from 16 to 27ft plus all the Finnish goalie radii.