Collection: Risport Skates

Emerging in the 1970s from the heart of Montebelluna, Risport delivers a blend of elegance, superior performance, and a relentless drive for innovation to every ice skate it produces. Choose one of the best for your first or next pair of ice skates, available online or in-store from Willies.

Risport Figure Skates From Willies


    Risport is a firm favourite amongst recreational skaters and professional skating competitors all over the world — and with good reason. Established in Italy over 50 years ago, Risport has been dedicated to crafting high-quality figure skates tailored for both beginners and advanced competitors, being renowned for their comfort, support, and weight reduction technology. 


    When it comes to choosing ice skates as a beginner, the most important thing to consider is the stiffness. Advanced skaters require a stiff boot to support them with triple and quadruple jumps, but they will be super uncomfortable for beginners who are just learning the ropes.


    That’s why it’s way more important to choose an ice skate that’s suited to your skill level rather than what your favourite pro competitors are wearing. 


    For beginners who are getting to grips with basic turns, stroking and single jumps, the Risport Venus is a fantastic budget-friendly starter skate. When you’re ready to move on to more advanced footwork and jump combos, the Risport Electra is a fantastic choice. 


    Risport ice skates usually have a tapered but slightly wider toe box, so they best suit a narrow/medium-width foot.


    Check out our top recommendations for ice skates for beginners in our guide here, or come visit us in-store to find the perfect ice skates for your skill level.