Collection: ZÜCA

The ZÜCA range of ice skating bags can be seen across ice rinks worldwide, With a light, super-strong frame and oversized polyurethane wheels, even stairways and sidewalk cracks can't slow its roll. Browse our range of wheeled figure skating bags and accessories by ZÜCA and choose your own bag/frame combo to represent your style.

Züca Figure Skating Accessories From Willies


    This rolling kit bag features a built-in seat, so you’ve always got a comfortable spot to tie up your skates, no matter where you are. The robust wheels are safety-rated to carry weights of up to 136kg, so you’ll easily be able to transport all of your essential gear to and from the rink.


    Plus, for skaters who like to keep things fresh, you can easily change the look of your bag and swap out the bag insert for a new design.