Collection: Custom Ice Hockey Sticks

When you’re looking for an ice hockey stick that perfect combination of length, flex, curve and kick point to take your game to the next level, it’s time to check out a custom twig. Start designing your dream stick online, or get in touch with us to book a consultation with one of our ice hockey experts!

Willies Custom Ice Hockey Player Sticks


    If you’re ready for pro-grade, personalised performance on the ice from a stick perfectly tailored to your height, weight, ability and play style, then investing in a custom stick is the way forward.


    Whether you go for a Warrior, Bauer or CCM custom ice hockey stick, you’ll be on top of your game with a twig that’s built to your perfect spec.


    By customising the kick point, length, flex, curve, texture and even the graphics, you can unlock the perfect combination of feel, performance and aesthetics with a custom ice hockey stick from Willies.


    Like most gear choices in ice hockey, the best stick for you comes down to your personal preference, experience level and play style. 


    Snipers looking for the quickest release should look no further than the custom Bauer Vapor Hyperlite stick — with 10% more responsiveness than its predecessor, you’ll dominate on the ice with the fastest release. 


    If you’re a puck-handling wizard that loves a snapshot as well as a slapshot, the custom Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is the lightest Supreme stick available, using sonic taper technology to reduce weight while transferring all the energy into a faster and more powerful release.


    If balance, efficiency and spot-on accuracy are more your style, the custom Bauer Nexus Sync stick brings together the power of the Supreme line and the rapid release of the Vapor. 


    When you’re ready for an elite ice hockey stick with customisable pro-level blade patterns, the custom Bauer Pro stick is perfect for elevating your game.


    The custom Warrior SL sticks are great for players that want non-stock customisations at a lower cost; the Warrior Pro Alpha DX SL is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stick like the Bauer Nexus with a mid-to-low kick and pinpoint accuracy. Players that like to stickhandle and get quick snapshots off should go for the custom Warrior Pro Covert QRE SL. You can also order your Warrior Alpha LX and Warrior Covert QRE 10 sticks with custom specifications for a durable, lightweight ice hockey stick that dominates the competition.


    Players that want to release lightning-fast shots with a low kick point can get the CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro stick customised to their exact specs. If a hybrid kick is more your style, the custom CCM Jetspeed FT5 Pro is a great option. Launching December 2022 and available to pre-order right now, the CCM Super Tacks AS5 Pro custom stick comes with a mid kick — perfect for accurate and powerful shots without compromising feel. All custom CCM sticks come with a minimum order of six.


    When you’re ready to discover what a personalised feel and style can add to your game, get started online or visit our store at Willies Coventry to choose the perfect custom ice hockey stick!