Collection: TRUE Hockey

TRUE is an exceptional brand with decades of design expertise and innovative technology when it comes to hockey equipment. Our True ice hockey skates, sticks and gear boast unparalleled performance, so you can train or game in comfort, knowing you possess the very best. Each True hockey stick is designed to dominate, and you can mix and match with our range of True hockey helmets, backpacks, hats and more.

True Ice Hockey Gear From Willies


    In the constantly evolving landscape of ice hockey gear, True consistently positions itself as a leader in innovation and quality. If you're looking for unrivalled performance with exceptional comfort out on the ice, True is an excellent choice for players and goalies up and down the leagues.


    Want to try True ice hockey gear before you buy? Head to one of our stores and chat with our experts about your playstyle and preferences.


    A lot of players have to kiss a few frogs before they find their perfect ice hockey skate, but if you find that off-the-shelf skates just don’t fit your feet, True custom skates could be an excellent option.


    The rave reviews speak for themselves — players across the board love the comfort of their True custom skates, with the majority claiming that they’d never return to another brand. 


    With True custom skates, you can focus solely on the game, knowing your feet are properly cushioned and protected, so you can look forward to zero pain once your shift is over.


    Our ice hockey skate specialists can measure you up and get you started on your journey to pain-free performance with True custom skates! Get in touch with us to book your sizing appointment.