Skate Sharpening & Repair Services

Ice Skate Sharpening

Whether you are a hockey player, figure skater or just enjoy skating around recreationally, skate sharpening should always be a vital part of any ice skater's routine. We recommend that you have your blades sharpened aproximately every 10-20 hours on the ice, however this is can vary from person to person depending on your skate style...

£9 per pair.


A custom profile is a great way to enhance your skating style. Our staff are fully trained to use Blademasters patented contouring system, allowing us to change the radial profile and lean of your skates to suit your stride, with singular or dual radii to ensure the profile best fits you...

£25 per pair.

Eyelet / Rivet Replacement

Don't worry, Willies' friendly and fully trained team can quickly and easily repair your skates. Willies have a fully equipped workshop with specialist Blade master tools as used by equipment managers around the globe. Don't miss a shift with our easy and comprehensive repair services...

£3 per eyelet / rivet.

Skate Holder Fitting / Replacement

Broke your skate holder? Looking to freshen up with a new model of holder? Willies expert technicians can remove and replace any Ice Skate Holder and replace...

£15 per holder.

Skate Conversion

Looking to turn your favourite ice skates into inline skates or vice versa? Look no further. Our highly trained staff will remove, align and fit a new holder or chassis to your boot any suitable boot...

£45 per pair.

Blade Mounting

New Blades? or New Ice Boots? No problem. Our specialist technicians can mount your new blades using specialist equipment...
£20 per pair.

Skate Baking

Modern day skates feel pretty great out of the box, but in order to get a near custom fit, we highly recommend baking skates that are suitable for the process. In fact we feel this is so important...

£20 per pair.

Boot Stretching

Modern day skates feel pretty great out of the box, but in order to get a near custom fit, Willies also offer a boot stretching and punching service for both figure and Ice Hockey Skates.

Sometimes boots may be a little uncomfortable or have pressure points particularly around the ankles or the ball of the foot...

£10 per boot.


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