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Brainchild of the former World Figure Skating champion of 1962, Don Jackson has created a trusted brand for figure skates and accessories that is known around the world. Shop the entire range of Jackson ice skating online, or visit us in-store at Willies in Coventry for expert advice and recommendations.

Jackson Figure Skates And Accessories From Willies


    Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first pair of proper skates or a seasoned professional needing stiff skates that are up to the challenge, Jackson is an excellent brand. Known for their quality craftsmanship and global recognition, Jackson's ice skates deliver comfort, durability and support to keep you performing at your best on the ice. 


    When it comes to choosing ice skates as a beginner, the most important thing to consider is the stiffness. A stiff boot supports skaters who are landing triple and quadruple jumps, but they will be super uncomfortable for beginners who are just learning the ropes.


    That’s why it’s way more important to choose an ice skate that’s suited to your skill level rather than what your favourite pro competitors are wearing. 


    For beginners or recreational skaters, the Jackson JC200 skate is a brilliant boot to help you find your feet on the ice. Once you’re confidently performing more advanced elements like jumps and spins, the Jackson Supreme has the right level of stiffness to support every landing.


    Jackson ice skates also tend to have a wider-fitting toe box, so if you’ve got narrow feet, an ice skate like Edea may be a better option.


    Check out our top recommendations for ice skates for beginners in our guide here, or come visit us in-store to find the perfect ice skates for your skill level.