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Choosing the Right Edea Figure Skating Boots: A Guide for Every Skill Level

When it comes to figure skating, one of the most important choices you need to make is which model of skate you need. 

Your ice skates have the potential to make or break your performance, and you’ll need the right ones for your skill level to protect your feet and support your joints during those complex elements. 

No matter where you are in your figure skating journey, Edea has created the boot to suit you — and we’ve broken down which Edea ice skate will suit you best.

Why Edea Ice Skates?

Each Edea skate is crafted in their own factory near Venice, Italy, where they produce super-comfortable boots that are easy to break in. They are world-renowned for their skates, helping to support skaters out on the ice, regardless of their skill level. 

Edea Wave - Learning The Basics:

For beginners stepping onto the ice for the first time, the Edea Wave is the ideal starter skate. Its design is friendly for newcomers, offering the right mix of support and flexibility for skaters in the Level 1-10 learning course. The Wave's stiffness rating of 40 provides stability without sacrificing comfort, making it perfect for those just starting out learning the basics on the ice.

Edea Motivo - Prepping For Jumping Lessons:

When you’re ready to progress and start learning how to jump, it’s a good time to step up to the Edea Motivo skate. With a slightly higher stiffness rating of 45, the Motivo delivers the extra support needed while still maintaining some flexibility, keeping the skate comfortable with the right amount of ankle support for confidence and precision.

Edea Overture - Learning Single Jumps:

Once you start to practice single jumps regularly, you need an ice skate that’s up to the task — the Edea Overture. Designed specifically for executing single jumps, its stiffness rating of 55 provides increased rigidity, supporting skaters during both take-offs and landings. It’s the go-to choice for skaters looking to build their confidence while they get some air on the ice!

Edea Chorus - Progressing To Double Jumps:

For skaters moving onto double jumps or just prefer a more rigid boot, the Edea Chorus offers a stiffer solution with a rating of 75. This boot is ideal for skaters who require additional support, particularly those who land more heavily, ensuring stability and reducing injury risk during demanding routines.

Edea Concerto - Learning Triple And Quad Jumps:

As skaters aim for the stars with triple and quad jumps, the Edea Concerto steps in with a stiffness rating of 85. This advanced boot accommodates the higher impact and stress of complex jumps, providing the necessary support for skaters pushing their limits and mastering the art of the most technical elements on the ice.

Edea Ice Fly - Ideal For Competent Triple And Quad Jumps:

The Edea Ice Fly is the best choice for competitive skaters focusing on the highest level of performance, especially in complex triple and quad jumps. Its stiffness rating of 90 offers superior support for executing demanding jumps — and that’s why elite skaters looking for the best performance and durability reach for the Ice Fly.

Edea Piano - Perfect For Heavy Landings And All Jumps:

At the top of Edea's skate lineup, the Edea Piano, with a stiffness rating of 95, is engineered for heavy landings and all types of complex jumps. It's designed for the most advanced skaters, offering maximum support and stability to confidently up-level their performance at the rink. 

No matter your skill level, it’s critical that you step out onto the ice with the right boot for you. Edea’s diverse range caters to everyone from beginners to elite international competitors, so you can get the perfect match to help you reach your full potential on the ice.

Ready to buy your first or next pair of Edea ice skates? Shop online now or get in touch with one of our Willies experts for extra advice and guidance on the right boot for you!
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