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Figure Skating Competition Checklist

If you are preparing for a figure skating competition, remembering everything you need to pack while you’ve got the pre-show jitters can be a bit overwhelming.

We’ve got your back! Here’s a handy checklist of everything you need to take to your figure skating competition.

Everything You Need For A Figure Skating Competition

  1. Practice outfits: As a figure skater, many people will think that you’re constantly in sparkly leotards. However, the reality is that you’re usually in comfy clothes when you’re not competing! 

    Ensure that you pack your favourite, most comfortable practice outfits to warm up in something familiar that helps you prepare for your figure skating competition.

  2. Competition outfit: Here come the spangles! There’s no secret that figure skater outfits are stunning, so make sure you have chosen one that fits well, adheres to the dress code, and makes you feel confident during your performance.

  3. Skates: Because you’re not going to be doing much in a figure skating competition without your ice skates!

  4. Skate accessories: Make sure that your skates are polished with clean laces to help you put on your best performance at your figure skating competition.

  5. Extra tights: The last thing you need is a hole in your competition tights just before you step out on the ice. Take extra pairs as a backup in case you run into any issues.

  6. Jacket: If you’re representing a team or a club at your figure skating competition, don’t forget your team jacket to show off your club with pride.

  7. Music: Your music is your backdrop as a figure skater – don’t forget it!

  8. Skate guards: This is an obvious one, but always make sure you’ve got your skate guards with you to keep your blades in top condition.

  9. Microfibre towel/blade covers: to dry your blades off after your time on the ice.

  10. Makeup: If you’re wearing makeup for your figure skating competition, don’t forget your makeup bag.

  11. Hair kit: Make sure you pack accessories such as bobby pins, hairspray and hair nets – anything and everything you will need to style your hair before the competition.

  12. Figure skating competition paperwork: Don’t forget any of your registration documents and your ID. 

By using our competition checklist, you’ll arrive ready and prepared to ace your performance! If you’re missing anything, you can pick up all the ice skating gear that you need in our huge range available online or instore at Willies in Coventry.
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