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The 5 Best Ice Skates For Beginners In 2023

Once you’re ready to start learning figure skating, it’s time to ditch the rink’s rental ice skates and invest in your first pair of figure skates!

For beginners, it’s vital that you find a figure skating boot that fits your foot comfortably. Entry-level and recreational ice skates are designed specifically for beginners, so they tend to be softer to help you stay comfortable while you practice the basics. 

We’ve rounded up the top five ice skates for beginner skaters to get on the ice and learn the basics in 2023!

How To Choose The Right Ice Skates For Beginners

A few factors will affect which skate is best for you — from the stiffness of the boot to the brand of your ice skates.

Different ice skate brands are designed with varying fit profiles, so it’s worth trying on a few other brands to see which fits your foot best. At our Willies store in Coventry, we stock a range of figure skate brands, so you can try on ice skates from JacksonEdeaRisport and Graf to see what is most comfortable for your unique foot shape.

Why Is Ice Skate Stiffness Important?

As you go up in skill level and start to do double, triple and quad jumps, you need more support from your ice skates — so the higher the level of ice skates, the stiffer the boots are.

This is exactly why beginners don’t need to invest in an elite-level pair of ice skates right away. Skates that are too advanced for your skill level will be too stiff and uncomfortable, hindering your skating rather than supporting you while you learn the fundamentals. 

Beginner-level boots tend to have a light stiffness rating of around 10–25, providing the support and comfort you need to practice basic steps and edges, two-foot spins and front/backward stroking.

What Are The Best Ice Skates For Beginner Figure Skaters In 2023?

Jackson JC200 Classic Figure Skates: From £75

Jackson JC200 Classic Figure Skates White

The Jackson JC200 Classic ice skates are the perfect entry-level skates for complete beginners or recreational skaters that are ready to stop renting ice skates from the rink. 

They feature light, comfortable support with a padded felt tongue for extra comfort while you get to grips with the ice. Jackson ice skates also had a mid-width fit profile, so they tend to suit skaters with a medium-width foot.

Jackson JC500 Classic Figure Skates: £95

Jackson JC500 Classic Figure Skate White

When you’re ready to start figure skating lessons or visit the rink more often than the occasional session for fun, the Jackson JC500 Classic ice skates are a great option. Similar to the Jackson JC200 skate, they also suit skaters with medium-width feet.

They feature rolled and cushioned nylex lining, with a foam-backed vinyl and mesh tongue for extra comfort on the ice. The JC500 figure skates also come with the Jackson Ultima MKII blade, which has a slightly more aggressive toe pick pattern than the MKI blade on the JC200 skates — perfect for once you’re ready to start tackling basic footwork.

Graf Bolero Figure Skates: From £87

Graf Bolero White Figure Skates

Suiting either beginners or recreational skaters, the Graf Bolero ice skates are an excellent choice for lightweight adults or junior skaters. 

Featuring soft padding with a breathable respiratory lining, you’ll stay comfy and supported in all the right places while you learn the basics of ice skating.

Risport Venus Figure Skates: From £94

Risport Venus Figure Skates White

With a light stiffness rating and breathable padding, the Risport Venus ice skates check all the boxes for beginner skaters.

Risport ice skates tend to have a wide fit profile with a rounded toe, making them a great option if you have wide feet.

Edea Motivo Figure Skates: From £125

Edea Motivo Figure Skates White

Not only are the Edea Motivo ice skates lightweight and comfortable, but they also have a thinner sole than most beginner ice skates to help new skaters learn technique and feel for the edges of the skate on the ice.

Edea ice skates usually have a narrower fit profile, so they are best suited to beginner skaters with narrow feet.

Choosing The Right Beginner Figure Skates For You

There’s a massive range of figure skates available for beginners and recreational skaters, so it’s essential you find the perfect skate for your foot shape and skating ability.

If you’re still unsure about what beginner ice skate to choose, pop into our Willies store in Coventry and chat with our expert ice skate team, who can match you with the perfect pair of figure skates.
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