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Which Jackson Ice Skate Is Best For Me?

Becoming a figure skater involves much more than just gliding gracefully on the ice. As skaters progress through the competitive levels, they’ll learn more complex footwork, jumps and spins — and they’ll need the right skates to support them.

We’ve broken down the different skill levels of figure skating, and which Jackson ice skate will suit you best, no matter where you are in your skating journey.

Why Jackson Ice Skates?

After landing the first-ever triple Lutz and taking home the title of World Figure Skating Champion in 1962, Don Jackson began crafting his own line of ice skates.

Decades later, Jackson continues to be a trusted brand for figure skates and accessories known worldwide. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first pair of proper skates or a seasoned professional needing stiff skates that are up to the challenge, Jackson is an excellent choice. With their quality craftsmanship and global recognition, Jackson ice skates deliver comfort, durability and support to keep you performing at your best on the ice.  

Jackson JC200 Ice Skate

If you’re just starting to dip your toe into ice skating, the JC200 skates are perfect for occasional sessions. They’re comfortable yet supportive, allowing you to get used to the fundamentals of moving on the ice. 

Jackson JC500 And Excel Ice Skates

Once you’ve fallen in love with skating and you’re comfortably moving around the rink, it’s time to progress onto a beginner boot like the JC500 or the Excel

These Jackson ice skates are designed for beginners still getting to grips with the skating fundamentals and are not yet venturing into learning how to jump on the ice.

Jackson Mystique And Artiste Ice Skates

When you start taking regular lessons at your local rink to refine your basic skills, you need an ice skate that can continue to comfortably support you where you need it most.

The Mystique boot is perfect for skaters looking to attend regular figure skating lessons, while the Artiste caters to those preparing to learn the basics of jumping.

Jackson Elle, Freestyle and Entre Ice Skates

Ready to start learning those single jumps? Lightweight skaters will be best suited to the Elle ice skates, while the Freestyle boots are perfect for skaters with a larger build.

If you find that you’ve got a specific blade preference that suits your jump technique, the Entre boots are an excellent choice for you. 

Jackson Debut Ice Skate

When you’re confidently landing single jumps, and you’re ready to start tackling double jumps, the Debut boots are the perfect choice for you. 

Jackson Premiere Ice Skate

As you progress further with your skating journey, the Premiere ice skates offer enhanced features like an extra wrap over the instep and offset hooks around the ankle area. 

These additional features mean that your ice skates will keep your ankle stable and secure for executing double jumps precisely and confidently.

Jackson Elite Ice Skate

When you reach the point where you’re performing advanced double jumps with potentially heavier landings, the Elite ice skates offer the durability and support that you need for those technical elements. 

Find Your Perfect Jackson Ice Skate At Willies

Your figure skating journey involves not only mastering the artistry of your long and short programs but also understanding and choosing the right ice skates at each stage.

Whether you’re taking your first steps on the ice or you’re an elite competitive skater, we can help you find the right Jackson ice skates for your performance and progression. Shop online or get in touch with one of our experts at Willies! 

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