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We stock a superb range of Bauer ice hockey skates, hockey sticks, equipment, and clothing online and in store. Bauer is an exceptional brand known worldwide for their innovative hockey equipment. As a UK leading supplier of Bauer equipment, you can get rolling even without ice. Our Bauer roller skates are perfect for beginners right through to the advanced skaters. In addition, our Bauer ice skates boast innovation and style for both beginners and professionals. Explore the full range of Bauer ice hockey gear online at Willies.

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Bauer Ice Hockey Gear From Willies


    In short, yes! Bauer is considered one of the top brands in the ice hockey world, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re renowned for their innovation, quality, and product range, catering to all players, from beginners to world-class NHL players.


    Come and experience the quality for yourself by taking a look and trying on the Bauer gear in stock at our stores.


    Bauer offers three product lines for their ice hockey equipment: Supreme, Vapor and Nexus. Each of these lines caters to players with unique playing styles, body types, and what they feel comfortable most in.


    The Supreme range is Bauer’s oldest line, known for its consistent anatomical fit across all protective gear. The Supreme sticks emphasise power with a high kick point, ideal for players who like winding up for powerful slapshots or wrist shots.


    The Vapor line first came onto the scene in 1997 and has grown to include all protective gear and sticks. The hallmark of Vapor is the tapered fit — snug in certain areas and looser in others. For example, Bauer Vapor skates have a standard fit in the toe box but are snug in the heel and ankle, making them the lowest-volume skates of the trio. Sticks from the Vapor line are designed for quick release, with a low kick point perfect for snapshots or one-timers.


    The Nexus range launched in 2012, offering a classic, old-school fit. The skates are wider throughout, from toe box to heel, and have a high-volume boot with the Nexus sticks striking a balance with a mid-kick point, delivering power, effortless release, and accuracy.


    Bauer ice hockey gear is designed to help you stay protected and feel your best while you’re out on the ice — and what feels right to you won’t be the same for everyone. That means that ‘true to size’ is pretty subjective, based on your individual body type and comfort preferences. 


    Generally, Bauer gear has a more precise anatomical fit than other brands like CCM, so if that’s your style, Bauer is a great brand for you.


    With that in mind, we highly recommend trying on your Bauer kit before investing, just to make sure that your new equipment fits your body, protects you in the right areas, allows free movement, and plays nicely with your other gear.