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BrandIT Clothing

Willies X BrandIT Clothing Essentials Bag

Willies X BrandIT Clothing Essentials Bag

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The Willies X Brandit Clothing Essentials Bags are here!

These bags are:

  • Fabric 100% Organic cotton
  • Weight 94g
  • One size

Perfect for keeping all your accessories when taking the trip down to the rink whether it is to skate or watch hockey. These are even perfect for everyday use. They can be used as a Gym Bag, Shopping Bag or carry bag.

These have our '' logo on the front in our usual authentic colours!

These hoodies are made in close partnership with Brandit Clothing. Available to make all Customised Printed or Embroidered team, work and sportswear.

Link to their website is here!

Click right here to check out Brandit Clothing!