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Complete Guide For First-Time Figure Skaters

So you want to try figure skating for the first time — you’re in the right place!

Figure skating is a fun sport requiring dedication, poise and practice. If you are a first-time figure skater, learning the basics is critical; but it’s important to know what to expect before you first step on the ice. 

With the correct guidance and a solid understanding of form, technique and safety, a first-time figure skater can become a seasoned and experienced competitor in no time.

We’ve put together this guide to help you get started as a beginner figure skater.

Try Figure Skating Out First

While watching seasoned athletes perform in the Winter Olympics can be a great inspiration for getting into figure skating, it’s essential to try it out before committing to expensive gear or hiring a coach.

Grab a few friends and book a public skating session at your local ice rink to see if ice skating is something you’d like to pursue.

Need to find a local ice rink? Check out our ice rink directory that lists all the UK ice rinks offering public skating sessions.

Stick With The Basics

No matter how cool that double axel jump looks, you must walk before you can run (or, in this case, skate). This means starting with the basics and building a solid foundation to work up to those complex elements.

(Not sure what an ‘element’ is? We’ve got a handy figure skating glossary that explains all the terminology that competitive figure skaters need to know!)

Beginner figure skaters should concentrate on their balance and posture on the ice and learn basic footwork exercises like sit-to-stand, two-foot glides, and snowplough stops.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like learning any new skill, as a first-time figure skater, you’ll probably fall a few times. To improve, master the techniques and grow your confidence on the ice, you’ve got to make time for regular practice. No excuses!

Join A Figure Skating Club

A fantastic way of ensuring you stick to your schedule of practising your new sport is by joining a figure skating club. You can learn from internationally-renowned figure skating coaches and other skaters at your level — helping you stay accountable, learn the correct techniques, and have fun with like-minded people.

Look Into Figure Skating Competitions

As a first-time figure skater, it may seem like you’re jumping the gun by talking about competitions early on; however, deciding whether competitions are a route you wish to go down is essential.

If there are competitions at your local rink, try to attend a few to see the requirements of a figure skater, how the competitions are run, and whether you see yourself competing. This will inspire you to stay focused on your goals during your training, helping to enhance your skills on the ice.

Invest In The Right Gear

Whilst we wholly recommend that first-time figure skaters find their feet and use hired equipment for the first few sessions, they should invest in the proper kit once they’ve decided to commit to the sport. 

Having equipment that fits you correctly will give you more confidence on the ice and help you to perfect those fundamentals as a beginner figure skater. Different levels of ice skating require different levels of support from ice skates, so investing in beginner-level ice skates is crucial. 

Need help choosing the right ice skates as a beginner? We’ve got a guide for that! Take a look at the top ice skates we recommend for beginner figure skaters.

Whether you’re looking for ice skates, figure skating accessories, or protective gear for when you’re out on the ice, we stock a massive range of equipment for all levels of figure skaters. Shop the entire range online, or visit us in-store at Willies in Coventry.

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