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Bauer Core 2.0 Compression Short

Bauer Core 2.0 Compression Short

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The Bauer Core Shorts 2.0 Senior optimizes your movement.

With a 2-Way Core Activation System, Core 2.0 is recommended by performance professionals to optimize movement and is the preferred core performance support for NHL players.

Improved motion control and stability. Features 60% more directional support than a regular compression short and is ideal for higher intensity activities that incorporate speed, agility and a change in direction.

  • IMPROVED MOTION TRANSFER: Between the arms and legs = increased stride power for skating and shooting.
  • IMPROVED CORE STABILITY: Optimal energy output = maximum performance.
  • IMPROVED BALANCE AND AWARENESS: Increased agility and injury reduction.
  • IMPROVED CORE AND LEG MUSCLE ACTIVATION: Improved stride length power and push off.