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Bauer Powerfly Holder

Bauer Powerfly Holder

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Welcome to an entirely new chapter in skate performance. Decades of research and
development has unveiled the untapped potential of what goes on BELOW the skate boot.

Introducing the POWERFLY Holder – a true, first-of-its-kind holder designed to adapt andrespond to every skating move. The stiff front post increases energy transfer in every stridewhile the flexible back post delivers faster side-to-side motions to help make you unstoppableand uncatchable on the ice.

Key Features:
Stiff Front Post - Increases energy transfer in each stride for faster acceleration to help
get you to the puck first
Hyperbolic Stability Bar - Enhances balance and stability for quicker transitions, more
precise turns and a more powerful stride
Flexible Back Post - Adapts to your situational stride for faster side-to-side motions to
always keep you ahead of your opponent
Choose your Blade – Compatible with the new FLY-TI and FLY-X runners – the same
great performance of Pulse TI and Pulse now with enhanced blade security and


Not compatible with LS runners. Only compatible with Fly-X and Fly-TI runners