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Bauer Re-Akt 150 Helmet Combo

Bauer Re-Akt 150 Helmet Combo

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Bauer RE-Akt 150 helmet combo is new for 2019, offering a fit that's truly your own thanks to its fantastic technology and features.


  • Adjustment System - allows separate length and width adjustments and the ability to modify the width of your Bauer helmet by up to 18mm, which is 250 percent greater than any other Bauer helmet.
  • Comfort Pod liner system - employs a layered structure of IX and XRD foam for both high and low energy impacts, as well as a hinged pod design to adjust to your head shape for comfort.
  • Lightweight VTX foam - offers complete all round protection from impacts, soft and hard.
  • Includes a PROFILE III facemask - construction made from stainless steel with an oval wire for better visibility.
  •  Adjustable J-Clips - making it easy to take on and off between games