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Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet

Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet

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The Re-Akt 85 is the epitome of superior protection with ultimate comfort. A brand new performance foam offers the highest level of comfort and helps manage low and medium energy impacts. Soft pods are strategically placed in sensitive zones and are wrapped in a THERMO CORE ZERO lining above the eyebrows to wick away sweat. For the first time, Bauer is introducing the FreeForm Adjustment system to the Performance segment, found on Elite level Bauer helmets. Players can now adjust their helmet not only in length but width as well to get that perfect fit on the ice.

Base: 3D Wrap Aerolite Base (Comfort molded foam + high energy mitigation)
Occipital: Molded Occipital (Comfort lock for the rear of the head)
Liner Material: Thermocore zero liner (Manage sweat)
Performance Pods: DCTech Pods (Mid & Low energy mitigation + comfort foam in key areas)
Adjustability: Free Form Adjustment (Independent length & width adjustment)

3D wrap Aerolite base creates a round base around the player’s head, reducing the potential for pressure points. Additionally, the 3D wrap Aerolite base helps mitigate high-energy impacts.
Molded occipital helps lock the player’s head into the helmet for a comfortable and secure fit
THERMOCORE ZERO liner is treated to manage sweat and odors while providing a fresh feel all game long.
Defense Cloud Technology pods are placed above the player’s temples for premium comfort. Additionally, DCT pods also help mitigate mid and low-energy impacts.
The Free Form Adjustment system gives independent length/ width adjustment for a fit that’s truly your own.