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Bauer Synthetic Ice Training Tiles

Bauer Synthetic Ice Training Tiles

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Bring the game you love anywhere you go. BAUER Synthetic Ice Tiles allows you to practice skating, shooting, passing, and stick handling wherever you want – whenever you want.

Key Features:

  •  Synthetic Ice Surface – Self-lubricating surface mimics on-ice feel without being at a rink.
  •  Easy Set Up – Patented dovetail interlocking system allows for quick set up and break down. Requires only a rubber hammer to snap tiles together.
  •  18” x 18” Tiles – With 10 tiles, you get 21.6 sq. ft. of practice space.


  •  The Bauer Synthetic Ice Tiles for indoor and outdoor use.
  •  Carefully align the dovetail pattern of one tile at the time.
  •  Simply use the patented interlocking edges to connect (disassemble) the tiles, snap into place.
  •  Before undertaking intense training, it is important to become familiar with the perception of a synthetic surface.
  •  Make sure that your skate are always well sharpened. We recommend between 5/8’’ and 3/4’’ hollow for better performance.