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Bauer Vapor X3 Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor X3 Composite Hockey Stick

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If you’re looking to improve your shots and stickhandling skills, the Vapor X3 is for you. Packed with upgraded technologies, the X3 is a great option for performance-level players wanting to build confidence with the ability to make quick plays in any situation.
Key Features:

ENERGY CORE 1 BLADE TECHNOLOGY Dual fiberglass bridges create more blade pop
while maintaining a forgiving puck feel

XE Taper Designed to keep energy in the bottom portion of the stick while loading shots soyou can release the puck faster.


The Bauer Vapor X3 Junior Composite Stick is 54" in length.

The Bauer Vapor X3 Intermediate Composite Stick is 57" in length.

The Bauer Vapor X3 Senior Composite Stick is 60" in length.