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CCM Jetspeed FT7 Composite Hockey Stick

CCM Jetspeed FT7 Composite Hockey Stick

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Stay ahead of the competition and be a hero on the ice with the new CCM Jetspeed FT7 Hockey Stick! Featuring the trusted hybrid kickpoint, rounded geometry, and an improved stiff blade this stick will give you the speed and maneuverability you need to be your best.

  • Hybrid Kickpoint: Ultimate fusion of power and accuracy for booming slap shots and inch-perfect wrist shots.
  • Shaft: An advanced carbon matrix design uses performance carbon layering technology to increase durability while reducing weight. This is paired through the shaft and blade with Sigmatex spread tow material for durability. All of this is rounded out by the traditional Jetspeed “R” geometry, featuring rounded corners and concave sides for performance and comfort.
  • Blade: The FT7 features an improved RR-95 stiff blade with peel-ply technology. This improved construction offers improved balance and accuracy.

Whether you’re a sniper looking to score from the top of the circle or a playmaker threading passes to the back door you will love the CCM Jetspeed FT7 Hockey Stick!