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CCM Tacks 720 Hockey Helmet

CCM Tacks 720 Hockey Helmet

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The CCM Tacks 720 Helmet was developed in collaboration with the University of Ottawa to bring players top-tier protection, comfort and airflow at a more approachable price. CCM debuts their AER-TECH thermoregulation system that promotes better performance and decision-making since it offers 33% better airflow and 25% faster air exchange than the previous 710.

A key component to AER-TECH is the 3D printed Nest Tech front liner. This futuristic design doesn't just allow the air to flow uninhibited but it adapts and adjusts to an individual's forehead for a custom-like fit. Meanwhile, the I.Q.SHION liner combines a range of specifically chosen foams that feel incredible out of the box, comfortably locks onto the head and even manages moisture too. 

One of the most protective foams is no stranger to CCM elite protective equipment. D3O smart foam expertly distributes impact energy of all levels so players can play confident knowing they have some of the best protection in the game!