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CCM Tacks XF 80 Shoulder Pads

CCM Tacks XF 80 Shoulder Pads

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The CCM Tacks XF80 Shoulder Pads offer dual-layer front construction with PE foam and a sublimated comfort lining for a comfortable and low profile fit. The JDP injected shoulder caps provide high-level protection, while the compress molded front and back panels with sublimated lining offer durable protection. With a PE-molded cap and length adjustment for the biceps, and a floating sternum hybrid shield and compress molded spine, these shoulder pads have everything you need for optimal protection on the ice.

  • Construction: Dual-layer front construction with PE foam + sublimated comfort lining - Comfortable and low profile, this dual layered shoulder pad has everything you need to keep you protected at any competitive level.
  • Caps: JDP Injected shoulder caps - Made from lightweight PE plastic, these caps deliv- er high-level protection that helps disperse impacts away from your shoulder joints.
  • Torso: Compress molded front and back panels with sublimated lining - Comfortable and durable protection with its sublimated back and front panels.
  • Biceps: PE-molded cap + length adjustment - Custom comfort fit and excellent protection with adjustable coverage and sublimated lining.
  • Sternum / Spine: Floating sternum hybrid shield + compress molded spine - Compress molded plastic protection.
  • Liner: Sublimated comfort liner - High quality comfort liner that allows air to breathe through to keep you fresh.
  • Clavicle: Floating clavicle protection - Designed to offer a competitive level of protection in the clavicle.
  • Extra Protection: Extended coverage front panel - Extra competitve-level protection.