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Edea Always With Me Bag

Edea Always With Me Bag

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In Italy where style is second nature, we have a bag for every occasion.

As skaters Edea noticed things kept falling out of their totes during a skate session, tumbling across the ice and so the With Me bag was born.

The With me ice and roller bag features
• 9 pockets for make up, cel phone, towel, drinks, keys, tablet, CD for music and your skate guards. Everything and more stylish zipped away.
• Edea bag has patent leather trim, faux-fur handles for comfort and a glittery finish for that final touch of glamour.
• These bags are available in stylish black and gold.
• The large make up pocket can be fully unzipped for easy access. The net pocket helps keep things in place and the detachable mirror ensures your make up is perfect too!
• Italian style designed for rinkside