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Edea Overture Figure Skates - White

Edea Overture Figure Skates - White

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Edea Overture White Figure Skates have a stiffness rating of 55.

The best selling Edea Overture figure skates are a combination of lightweight design and Edea technology. With an insole made from nylon and fiberglass, it offers great support and stability for skaters who are looking to develop and perform basic skills, such as single jumps and axels.

Inspired by passion for skating, the Overture boot is designed with microfiber fabric and a padded cuff that cushions the achilleas tendon, holding the heel in place to ensure maximum protection. And for such a graceful sport, Edea have added a final touch of three crystals to complete your look of elegance!

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NB : Supplied with Rotation blades and not as shown