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Graf Ultra G875 Ice Hockey Skates

Graf Ultra G875 Ice Hockey Skates

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One of the outstanding features of the ULTRA G875 are its High-Gloss PP Composite-Structure Quarter Panels. These panels offer a perfect blend of flexibility and support, providing maximum power transfer with every step. Experience enhanced agility and control as you manoeuvre effortlessly across the ice, leaving your opponents in awe.

The anatomically shaped Curved Edge toe cap is another highlight of this skate. It conforms to the natural shape of your foot and provides exceptional comfort and protection. The toe cap not only protects your feet from impacts and collisions, but also improves your overall control and puck handling skills, giving you an edge on the ice.

Despite its entry-level classification, the ULTRA G875 offers remarkable performance and durability. The high-quality materials it's made of ensure durability, allowing you to enjoy countless hours of skating fun. Whether you're just getting started with field hockey or looking for a reliable replacement pair, these skates will exceed your expectations.

With the ULTRA G875, you'll not only make a statement with its sleek design, but also experience the thrill of effortless gliding on the ice.

Key Features:

High gloss PP composite structure side panel

9 MM ULTRA X felt tongue

Quick drying microfiber lining

Anatomically shaped ankle padding

Anatomically shaped Curved-Edge toe cap

Venom Pro runners