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Sixty Thirty Sports Ltd

Jackson Ultima Matrix Legacy MX7050 Blades

Jackson Ultima Matrix Legacy MX7050 Blades

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Reduced weight means reduced fatigue and with stainless steel runners, our blades have harder edges for longer blade life. Cross cut pick design is the same as in our traditional Ultima Legacy to allow smooth transition for skaters.


  • Lightweight aircraft aluminium chassis extruded and milled which reduces weight
  • Channelled chassis design ensures the blade will not twist or torque
  • Aluminium construction provides a quieter skate
  • Offered in colour choice of Black, Blue, Gold, Lilac, Pink or Silver
  • Stainless Steel Runner

Stainless steel runner holds edge longer than traditional runners, lengthening the life of your runners 420J Stainless steel runners takes away chrome finish which is prone to flaking or peeling and will never rust or peel Much harder than carbon steel used in traditional blades, resisting nicks and scratches Permanently secured into holder with 3 axels made of the highest quality aircraft aluminium; offers improved safety.


  • Cross cut picks
  • Standard heel
  • Intermediate profile
  • Freestyle usage
  • 8' Rocker
  • 7/16" Radius of Hollow