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Mission Inhaler WM03 Inline Skates

Mission Inhaler WM03 Inline Skates

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The Mission Inhaler WM03 Inline Hockey Skates are designed for the competitive inline player, offering players fantastic value for money. 

New to Mission skates is the Asymmetrical Toe Cap, as found on many of Bauer elite level ice skates. This toe cap design reduces negative space within the skate to promote a better energy transfer for each stride.

The WM03 Inline Hockey Skates features a tru-form tech PU boot construction with integrated ventilation and abrasion guards for enhanced protection, comfort and performance. 

The side of the WM03 boot features vent holes, along with vents in the toe cap to enable air flow into the skate, to help keep your feet cool and dry. 

The Hi-Lo chassis is lightweight, and offers great performance and durability.

The Mission WM03 Skates come with Labeda Union wheels that offer maximum grip, speed and durability.