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TRUE Catalyst 9 Replacement Tongues

TRUE Catalyst 9 Replacement Tongues

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The True Replacement Tongues provide players who wear True Ice and Roller Hockey Skates the option to upgrade or easily replace their worn-out skate tongues! This delivers plenty of options to choose from, whether it's for dialing in internal volume or enhancing personal protection. Each purchase comes with a full set that includes a left and right tongue and easily secures to the velcro landing pad on all True skates.

Featured on the Catalyst 9 Ice Skates, this tongue is constructed with multi-density foam, a modern design, and a lightweight T-guard for incredible comfort and impact absorption so players can skate confidently.


Small: Skate Size 4 - 5.5 

Medium: Skate Size 6 - 8.5 

Large: Skate Size 9 - 10.5