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TRUE HZRDUS PX Composite Hockey Stick

TRUE HZRDUS PX Composite Hockey Stick

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Built for rapid puck release, TRUE’s flagship HZRDUS PX weighs in at 345g, making it the lightest stick on the market. RESFLO Technology offers unmatched weight reduction while maintaining a stronger, more consistent laminate. Strategic rib placements throughout the Tri Rib Tech blade are designed to match puck impact points, providing a more stable blade on the most powerful shots and one-timers. With an optimized low kick point, the HZRDUS PX offers a lightning-quick release, effortless loading, and explosive response in an ultra-lightweight package.





The TRUE HZRDUS PX Youth (15) Composite Stick is 46" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Junior (20) Composite Stick is 48" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Junior (30) Composite Stick is 50" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Junior (40) Composite Stick is 52" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Junior (50) Composite Stick is 54" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Intermediate Composite Stick is 58" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Senior (65) Composite Stick is 60" in length.

The TRUE HZRDUS PX Senior Composite Stick is 62" in length.