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TRUE Pro Custom Blocker

TRUE Pro Custom Blocker

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Customise your TRUE Custom Blocker here!

Once you are happy with your custom selection and happy to proceed, please order the correct size from our options and then save your design on the TRUE Customiser and email it over to us as including your order number.

For any queries you have please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will help you with every stage of the process.

Take a look at some Specs and Information on the different variants below.

Catalyst PX3:

Brand new for 2022, True and the Lefevre family are proud to introduce the newest member of their legendary family of goalie gear, the True Catalyst PX3 Pro Senior Custom Goalie Blocker!

Starting on the True Catalyst PX3 Blocker, the board is made up of a thick high density foam board directly over the backhand of the blocker. This board will allow the goaltender to redirect the puck into the corners of the rink with the accuracy they need. The hand position of the blocker naturally sits slightly higher so the goaltender will be able to reach out at puck during in tight situations.

Next on the side, True has kept the straight finger protection found on the L12.2 that will help add a little more protection between the goalie’s finger and the stick while creating a comfortable grip on the stick. All throughout the side is high density foams that create the same effect as the face and protect the goaltender all the same

Finally, flipping to the palm, a Beige Nash palm helps the goaltender get a tight and confident grip on their stick that allows the freedom to easily pull their stick up for poke check or to play the puck easily. On the cuff, a half cuff design keeps the ability to move the goalie’s hand around in this blocker highly effective along with a Velcro closure on the side for quick adjustments.

If you are an elite-level goaltender who craves the traditional feel and quality of Lefevre pads combined with True’s reputation for game changing technological advancements, the True Catalyst PX3 Pro Senior Custom Goalie Blocker is the blocker for you!


True L20.2 Pro Sr Goalie Blocker - Innovation in Goalkeeper Equipment True has made a profound impact in the goalkeeper market through its exciting partnership with Lefevre, redefining the goalkeeper market. The product line introduced by True in collaboration with Lefevre has achieved remarkable success in the market from the very beginning. Due to an overwhelmingly high demand, these protective gear are now offered as standard. Don't miss out; acquire the new L20.2 Pro goalie blocker today!


True Hockey has entered the goalie category in a big way for 2021.  True Hockey acquired the Lefevre goalie brand and for those that do not know the Lefevre name, here is a brief history.  Lefervre has been a mainstay in the goalie industry for five decades with goalies like Patrick Roy wearing the iconic brand (labeled as Lefevre) in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Over the years the Lefevre name has been behind such brands as Koho, RBK, Reebok and CCM.  In 2021, True Hockey partnered with Lefevre which has led to a large number of goalies wearing True gear in the NHL.  Watch just about any NHL game and you have a pretty good chance of seeing an NHL goalie in the True gear.

The True/Lefevre gear is still hand made in Canada.

The True L87 blocker uses high density foams in the blocker board which produces explosive rebounds, making it easier for goalies to clear rebounds away from the crease.  The face of the blocker is also bindingless which gives the L87 the most surface area within the rules. The sidewall of the blocker has been segmented from the palm area which gives the goalie much better feel when holding the stick and stick handling.

On to the backside of the True L87 blocker. The cuff area on the L87 has been segmented to allow for maximum wrist mobility.  Wrist mobility is extremely important for stick handling and passing.  The finger protection of the L87 has full wrap around protection with the pointer finger being separated for extra finger flexibility.  The thumb area has a high density foam on the outside with a soft pillow separating the thumb from this outer area.  We like this feature quite a bit, many blockers use a plastic molded outer thumb piece which makes the thumb flexibility to stiff.  With the high density foam outer, the goalie will still have the protection needed but with a much greater range of motion.  The material in the palm area of the L87 blocker is the Sure Grip palm with mesh gussets.  The mesh gussets help with fingers flexibility while holding the stick and the Sure Grip palm provides long term durability.