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TRUE Shift Attack DLC Goalie Runners

TRUE Shift Attack DLC Goalie Runners

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Dominate the crease and outmaneuver opponents with confidence. Choose True DLC Goalie Skate Runners for a game-changing experience on the ice.

  • DLC-Coating Advantages: The DLC-coating not only fortifies the runners but also ensures exceptional durability. Experience a skate edge that maintains its strength even in the face of rigorous gameplay.
  • Asymmetrical Design for Precision: True DLC Goalie Skate Runners feature a unique asymmetrical design, optimizing the attack angle for top-notch performance. Navigate the ice with precision, making swift moves and staying ahead of the game.
  • Upgrade with True DLC Technology: Take your performance to the next level by upgrading to True DLC Goalie Skate Runners. Benefit from advanced technology that combines strength, durability, and innovative design, giving you the competitive edge you need.
  • 3mm runner compatible with True Shift Attack holder