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Warrior Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads

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For the competitive hockey player, the Warrior Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads are filled with value! Protects the arm against slashes and blocked shots and the new strapping method is now redesigned by Warrior to ensure that the elbow pad never slides or twists during games.


3-piece design - Allows for natural elbow motions and optimum dexterity. Feels less bulky and more anatomical, allowing you to enhance your shooting, stickhandling, and passing skills while maintaining as natural a movement as possible.

Protection - Slash and bicep guards have dual density foams built in to give extra protection where it's needed the most. This allows players to move around more freely without compromising their safety. New lay flat straps will make them easier to use and prevent them from getting stuck on your jersey.

STRIKE yellow liner - This liner will keep the elbow pad in place with minimal slippage and keep players dry and clean while in use.