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Warrior Ritual V3i Goalie Stick

Warrior Ritual V3i Goalie Stick

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Elevate your goaltending experience with the Warrior Ritual V3i Goalie Stick. Whether you're making powerful passes or securing crucial saves, this stick is your key to unmatched performance.

  • Lightweight Design: The Warrior Ritual V3i is crafted for agility, featuring a lightweight design that allows for swift and precise movements.
  • Advanced ASG Shaft: Benefit from an advanced ASG shaft that provides optimal flex, allowing for powerful passes and improved puck control.
  • Impact Fiber Layer and Twinspar: Enjoy exceptional durability with the Impact Fiber Layer and Twinspar technology, making the Ritual V3i reliable in high-intensity gameplay.
  • Slide Grip Technology: Maximize your agility with Slide Grip technology, ensuring quick and efficient movements during crucial moments on the ice.
  • Vibexlite for Minimal Vibrations: Experience minimal vibrations during saves, thanks to Vibexlite technology, allowing you to stay focused and in control.