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Warrior Ritual X4 Pro+ Goalie Shorts

Warrior Ritual X4 Pro+ Goalie Shorts

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All new for 2023, The Warrior X4 Pro+ Senior Goalie pants are here to bring maximum protection and flexibility to today’s modern goalie!

Looking at the base of the pant, the Warrior Ritual X4 Pro+ has Warrior’s proprietary FlexPlate system, which was introduced in previous generations. The Warrior FlexPlate system is reinforced with HyperComp material which is Warrior’s proprietary material in lightness and protection. The FlexPlate system does increases flexibility, mobility and protection in comparison to a traditional pant design. The thigh protection has been maximized for the Ritual X4 Pro+ and is composed of ultra-high density foam that ensures no gaps in protection throughout game play. There is also a new thigh shape that further helps integrate with the AxyCut system.

Next, the AxyCut technology is enhanced on the outer edge of the pant. The AxyCut feature eliminates interference between the pants and leg pads when transitioning in and out of the butterfly. The Ritual X4 Pro+ pants also have reinforced high wear areas to improve the lifespan of the pants and prevent wear and breakdown from certain areas on the pants.

At the top of the pant, a completely redesigned ergonomic hip and kidney protection offers unparalleled protection.

If you are an elite-Level goaltender looking for a lightweight, mobile, and protective pant, the Warrior Ritual X4 Pro+ Senior Goalie Pants are for you.

  • Maximum protection
  • Ergonomic hip & kidney protection
  • Durable & removable suspender button
  • Removable internal belt
  • Reinforced high wear areas
  • AxyCut design
  • HyperComp reinforced Flex Plates
  • Streamlined thigh increases mobility