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CCM Tacks XF Pro Shin Guards

CCM Tacks XF Pro Shin Guards

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Experience pro-level protection and comfort with the CCM Tacks XF Pro Shin Guards. The Max Coverage ASD design offers top-notch protection, while the injection molded calf guard and D30 Zero technology absorb impacts. Repositioned D30 Zero in the knee cap provides superior support and distributes impact energy. The anatomical PE shin cap and D30 Zero reinforced bottom pad give you maximum protection against the toughest of impacts. Stay confident on the ice with the CCM Tacks XF Pro Shin Guards.

  • Construction: Max Coverage ASD (Anatomical Shield Design) -  Engineered to offer Pro-level protection and comfort to make sure you’re ready to take on the worse of impacts.
  • Calf Guard: injection molded calf guard + D30 zero shot block protection - Premium calf guard with D3O® Zero for extra impact and shock absorbtion, giving you elite-level protection.
  • Knee Cap: Anatomical JDP kneecap + D30 zero comfort donut - Newly repositioned D3O® Zero to better help support the knee and help distribute impact energy away from the joints.
  • Shin Cap: Anatomical PE shin cap with tape groove + abrasion resistant bottom pad with D30 zero - Elite-strength shin cap with landing to lock in tape coupled with D30 Zero reinforced at bottom for max protection against impacts and extra durability against rubbing on the inside.
  • Thigh: Compress-molded EVA foam flexmotion thigh guard - Top quality foams for pro-level protection.
  • Attachment: ADAPTFIT+ Straps: Length-adjustable dual calf strap + padded hyper X lock strap - Length-adjustable dual calf straps wraps any size calf comfortably while Hyper X lock strap helps keep the shin snug and in place all game long.
  • Liner: Removable ADAPTFIT liner + detachable lower pad for tongues in option - Bottom removable liner to customise your fit if you prefer to wear your skates tongues in, for closer to the leg snug protection.
  • Other: Compress-molded HD foam side guard - Pro-level foam for extra side protection.