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Warrior Alpha LX 20 Elbow Pads

Warrior Alpha LX 20 Elbow Pads

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The Warrior Alpha LX20 elbow pads are high-level pads that move with your arm and elbow more organically while providing excellent protection! Warrior has improved upon their previous designs in a few important aspects, promising less slippage, better fit and overall protection, making them an excellent choice for any hockey player!


  • Protection - Foams are placed in critical impact zones and coupled with lightweight ergonomically moulded slash and bicep protectors to give extra protection where it's needed the most. Both light and safe, this will allow players to move about more freely while still maintaining high levels of security.
  • Fit - Warrior utilises a Sling Wrap strapping method that holds everything together, as well as new lay flat straps that are easier to use and less likely to catch on your jersey. This three-strap, multi-purpose strap system with Fantom Stretch locks the elbow into a designed elbow pocket, ensuring a comfortable fit.